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Amembal Leasing Seminars in Bucharest, Romania / June 4 and 5, 2013

Amembal & Associates and International Leasing are pleased to announce that Mr. Sudhir Amembal, CEO of Amembal & Associates, will be teaching two of the firm's flagship leasing seminars in Bucharest, 4 & 5 June 2013.

The two seminars are as follows:

WINNING WITH LEASING has been attended by over 30,000 leasing professionals throughout the world. The variety of topics carefully chosen will allow attendees to gain a thorough understanding of the significance of leasing, how to benefit from its global strategic development, how to increase volume profitability and how to embrace the new norm as leasing stages a recovery. This will be accomplished by introducing international best practices in varied subject matters including pricing and structuring, combating competition and adding value.

OPERATING LEASES – UNIQUE BENEFITS & RISKS is currently the most popular seminar given the significance of the product in emerging markets. The seminar will convince attendees that the operating lease provides enhanced benefits to both lessees and lessors. Lessor risks will also be covered in detail with explanations on how to manage each of these unique risks.

This seminar is organised with the support of Romanian leasing associations (ALB- Asociatia Societatilor Financiare si ASLO- Asociatia Societatilor de Leasing Operational); members of these associations will have priority at this seminar, so that we expect a large participation from leasing industry.


“Great insight into the strategic, technical and practical aspects of leasing”

“Excellent teacher with tremendous academic and practical experience”


Amembal & Associates is the world’s most highly respected training and consulting firm in the field of equipment leasing, having trained over 75,000 leasing professionals throughout the world since 1978. Mr. Amembal has conducted technical presentations on leasing in over 80 countries. He has co-authored 16 books on leasing. Mr. Amembal has continually chaired the annual World Leasing Convention since 1993.


Finance Leases:  Senior and management personnel in areas such as sales, back office, risk assessment and head office management

Operating Leases:  Fleet management personnel, senior and management in sales, head office management and finance managers

If you’re an expert in either, your skills will be refreshed and fine-tuned; if you’re new to the industry & products, you will learn the basics and how to utilise them to win more transactions!

For further information, please email seminar@leasing.ro.

Detailed agenda is available for download.